Here's the Pitch

Limitless Possibility is a fortnightly conversation between Luc-Olivier Dumais-Blais and Yanik Magnan, two software developers who live in Québec, Canada and have known each other since high school.

Every episode, we alternate between which co-host gets to choose the topic. Topics are often tech, gaming, or software development-related, but sometimes we touch on other hobbies of ours like cars, photography, trains, and Japanese pop culture. Not every episode is going to be interesting to everyone, and that's okay! Feel free to cherry-pick the episodes that interest you most.

Most episodes don't revolve around timely subject matter, so much of our back catalog of 200+ episodes over 8+ years is still relevant today.

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We abstain from making the show available on platforms such as Spotify or Amazon Podcasts which do not play well with the open podcasting ecosystem and standards such as RSS, and are detrimental to the health of the medium.

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Here are some of our favourite episodes across a variety of topics in case you want to get a feeling for what the show is like.